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Our approach

Although we have deep experience in applying scaled agile toolsets, frameworks and methodologies, we believe behavioural transformation is essential to successfully scaling agile ways of working across organisations.

Our approach

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Individuals and teams
We focus on coaching individuals and teams fulfilling leadership roles in our clients organisations.
Transforming the upstream culture, environment and delivery structures enables downstream benefits like speed, increased productivity and predictability.
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Engaging with people is what we do. Agility hinges on the quality of the interactions between people.
We help our clients to create environments where people thrive.

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Active leadership
Our leaders are actively involved and provide our coaches with ongoing guidance and support.
We ensure alignment between observations on the floor and the accumulated learning that exists within Gravity Works’ diverse network of agile professionals.

Agility at work

Your way of working journey is your own. Each step leads to another.
Like summiting the majestic mountains in the Himalayas, there is no one path, the path reveals itself as you move forward.
We use our diverse skills, knowledge and experience to help guide you along the path.
Successful and sustainable way of working transformations are underpinned by clear strategic intent, determination and a set of deliberate actions.
We take a fresh, analytical and data-driven approach.
We provide tailor-made solutions, which include:
  • Skills development and training
  • Leading-edge consulting, advisory and organisational design
  • Ways of working coaching
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