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Agile training courses

We take the building of knowledge very seriously.

Our approach

We firmly believe that the ultimate competitive advantage an individual or an organisation can cultivate is the ability to learn, and then translate that learning into action.
This is why we take the building of knowledge very seriously.
We believe that certifications and accreditations, while important, are just the gloss and by-product of curiosity, experience and hard work.
Our courses are built using years of practical experience and filled with real-world examples. We encourage open debate in every training engagement because we understand that the material is not canon, and every rule is subject to a good question.
Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested.

Our course offering

Learning is an amazing life-long adventure. We’d love to be part of yours.
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Agile Fundamentals
A practical guide to the inner workings of Lean-Agile methods and business agility.
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Leading SAFe®
Thriving in the digital age with business agility.
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SAFe® for Teams
Establishing team agility for Agile Release Trains.
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SAFe® Product Owner
Delivering value through effective program increment.
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SAFe® Scrum Master
Applying the Scrum Master role with a SAFe® Enterprise.
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SAFe® for DevOps
Optimising your value stream.
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SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
Advancing Scrum Master servant leadership with the SAFe®.
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SAFe® Release Train Engineer
Facilitating Lean-Agile program execution.
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Agile Product Management
Using design thinking to create value products in the lean enterprise.
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SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management
Aligning strategy with execution.
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SAFe® for Architects
Architecting for continuous value flow.
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Agile HR Explorer
Bridging the gap in HR practices for agile teams.
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