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Agile fundamentals

A practical guide to the inner workings of Lean-Agile methods and business agility.
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2 days
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R3,995 (excl. VAT)

Agile fundamentals: course overview

During this sixteen-hour workshop, attendees gain practical knowledge of Lean Agile methods and Business Agility. Participants in the class will gain keen insight into how these principles and practices can be leveraged to thrive in increasingly competitive markets.
They will learn how to establish and build team and technical agility, and organise and reorganise around the flow of value. They also learn how to practically approach the delivery of tangible value while exploring the importance of adopting a customer centric mindset and design thinking approach.
In this interactive class, individuals will be encouraged to actively participate, contributing to conversations around real-world examples and the practical and pragmatic adoption of Lean-Agile methods.

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Topics covered
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At the end of the course attendees should have an understanding of:
  • A Brief History of Agility
  • The Principles of Agility
  • The Core Values of Agility
  • The Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Core Competencies of a Lean-Agile Organisation
  • Scrum/XP & Kanban – Frameworks for Teams
  • User Stories & Story Mapping
  • Estimation using Relative Sizing
  • Prioritisation using Cost of Delay
  • Using Trending Analytics to track improvement
  • Scaling with SAFe® – A Frameworks for Teams of Teams
  • The Origins of Agility
  • The Principles & Practices that support a Lean-Agile Mindset
  • How Culture & Mindset influence an Lean-Agile transformation
  • Frameworks teams can use to deliver value
  • Frameworks organisations can use to coordinate complex delivery
  • How to effectively prioritise to maximise the delivery of value
  • How to manage requirements in volatile environments
  • Course Materials
  • A Certificate of Completion
Gravity Works | Agile fundamentals training course