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Aligning Executive Engagement to Team Adoption

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

The Challenge

The financial services division of this client acknowledged the significance of embracing agile methodologies to enhance operational efficiency and promptly deliver high-quality solutions to their customers. Despite investing in extensive training programs and hiring personnel with agile skills and experience, the division encountered challenges in fully embracing an agile way of working

The Approach

Gravity's approach to enhancing client success began with leadership engagement through hands-on coaching, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to exemplify new behaviours and practices. Team-level coaching and support promoted collaboration and maximised team potential. We implemented culture and engagement initiatives to foster a positive work environment and enhance overall employee satisfaction. Effective stakeholder management and communication were prioritised. Team health diagnostics, led by an embedded Industrial Psychologist, identified areas for improvement and enhanced performance. Agile performance metrics accurately measured progress. Additionally, we established agile learning communities and training programs to encourage continuous development and knowledge-sharing.
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The Outcome

Our focus was cultivating agile principles within leadership, fostering collaboration and productivity for improved outcomes. We prioritised collaboration, wellness, and connection for a positive work environment. Transparent communication with stakeholders played a pivotal role. We kept them informed about progress and benefits. Continuous monitoring identified areas for improvement, enhanced team effectiveness. Agile performance metrics tracked velocity, quality, and satisfaction. To foster learning, we established agile learning communities, supporting development. Behaviours aligned with values, improving collaboration, promoting transparency, metrics implementation, and ongoing learning drove a successful transformation.
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In Conclusion

Through the implementation of these initiatives, the financial services division of this client effectively addressed the challenges associated with adopting agile ways of working. The involvement of an Industrial Psychologist acting as an Agile People Coach was instrumental in driving the behavioural changes required for a sustainable agile transformation. The division witnessed notable improvements in team collaboration, productivity, and customer satisfaction, resulting in heightened efficiency and effectiveness in delivering high-quality solutions to their customers.

The services we offer

Advisory & Enablement
  • Design Thinking
  • Solution Implementation Services (Project Management, Product Management, Change Management)\
  • Service Design
Learning & Development
  • Agility Fundamentals
  • Role Based Training (Transformational Leadership, Product Management, Design Thinking)
  • Enterprise Agility (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Human-Centric System Design
Enterprise Coaching
  • Lean-Agile Coaching at all levels, Teams to Executive
  • Data-Led Decisions, Value-Led Delivery Analytics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Organisational Design
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Organisation Network Analysis

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