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Fostering a Solution Mindset

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

The Challenge

A customer care operations division recognised the need to empower a significant number of individuals within their teams with principles derived from design thinking and scaling agile frameworks to foster a solutionoriented mindset. The primary challenge they faced was the lack of widespread skills and expertise within their team structures to effectively identify problems, collaboratively align on root causes, incorporate diverse perspectives to generate options, and accurately validate hypotheses post-implementation.

The Approach

Our approach prioritised the need to go beyond mere knowledge acquisition and provided participants with opportunities to actively apply their newly gained knowledge to real-world work problems. This approach incorporated both behavioural and technical competence mechanisms to firmly establish the new principles and practices. It aimed to assist individuals in adopting new behaviours and attitudes while simultaneously providing hands-on experience with tools and techniques that leveraged the wisdom of the crowd. This facilitated cohesion, root cause analysis, solution ideation, option creation, and hypothesis validation.
Telescope technical drawing with colourful stripes

The Outcome

Our focus, which synergises technical and behavioural competence, sets the stage for comprehensive transformation by seamlessly integrating new habits and work methodologies. By fostering curiosity and promoting exploratory behaviour, individuals are able to enhance their learning, engage in divergent and convergent thinking, and refine solutions. Adopting an action-oriented mindset facilitates the effective resolution of valuable challenges and instils a sense of urgency in problem-solving. Leveraging the problemsolving frameworks and tools we curated for them yields a mechanism that enables effective problem-solving and the generation of innovative solutions. As a result, the team experiences heightened effectiveness, through the successful assimilation of the new approach.
Outcome diagram

In Conclusion

We successfully tackled the client’s challenge by empowering a diverse group of individuals with the necessary principles and practices to cultivate a solution-oriented mindset. By combining behavioural and technical competence mechanisms, they effectively implemented new habits and work methods, resulting in enhanced effectiveness, successful adoption of innovative techniques, and personal growth as problem solvers. This approach fostered a sense of curiosity, facilitated continuous learning and encouraged creative thinking, while promoting an action-oriented mindset to tackle valuable challenges. By leveraging problem-solving frameworks and tools, the result was efficient problem-solving and the creation of innovative solutions, leading to a comprehensive transformation within the team.

The services we offer

Advisory & Enablement
  • Design Thinking
  • Solution Implementation Services (Project Management, Product Management, Change Management)\
  • Service Design
Learning & Development
  • Agility Fundamentals
  • Role Based Training (Transformational Leadership, Product Management, Design Thinking)
  • Enterprise Agility (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Human-Centric System Design
Enterprise Coaching
  • Lean-Agile Coaching at all levels, Teams to Executive
  • Data-Led Decisions, Value-Led Delivery Analytics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Organisational Design
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Organisation Network Analysis

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