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Implementing Agile Delivery Frameworks and Methodology

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

Client Background

In 2022, a client operating within the financial sector sought assistance with their ongoing large-scale multibillion rand program. Recognising the need for change, they enlisted our help to improve their agile delivery. The program had been in progress for some time, and our expertise was sought to optimise its effectiveness. Our role was to implement frameworks and methodologies that would facilitate and optimise their agile delivery. The key components they wanted to enhance included delivery, people and culture, as well as program success metrics, among others. We were tasked with leveraging our expertise to drive improvements in these areas and align the program with their desired objectives.

Client Challenges

Our client encountered several challenges in their quest to optimise their program. They aimed to improve the efficiency of their delivery processes by resolving dependencies and navigating complex business and technical trade-offs. Additionally, they sought to foster a culture that promotes collaboration, accountability, and innovation, ensuring sustainability and scalability. Lastly, the client desired clear success metrics that would align with their agile delivery approach, enabling them to make informed decisions and monitor program performance effectively.
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Our Approach

To address the client challenges, we employed the following strategies:
Facilitation and Coaching: We facilitated alignment sessions and provided coaching to leadership at all levels to foster collective decision-making and develop long-term strategies aligned with agile delivery.
Enhancing Team Performance: We coached Product Management, Scrum Masters, and Technical Delivery Leads to improve team performance and identify productivity inhibitors for timely resolution.
Transition to Agile Way of Working: We guided teams in successfully adopting and transitioning to an agile way of working, handling dependencies and complex trade-offs effectively.
People-Centric Change Management: We employed a behavioural change approach, conducting teams' health assessments, leadership coaching, training sessions, workshops, and culture initiatives. Agile Tooling Adoption: We facilitated the adoption of Jira and Confluence as tooling platforms, utilising a metrics approach to enable better prioritisation, planning, and tracking of work.
Advising and Collaborating on Team and Program Redesign: We provided guidance and collaborated with the client on redesigning their teams and program structure to allow for the optimal flow of work and delivery. This included recommending improvements in team structure, roles, responsibilities, and communication channels to enhance collaboration and minimise bottlenecks.
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In Conclusion

After our engagement, we had successfully implemented a range of solutions within the client's large-scale multi-billion rand program. We advised on streamlined delivery processes, fostered collaboration and joint accountability, and facilitated the adoption of agile practices. Our guidance and expertise enabled the client to start focusing on optimising efficiency, improving productivity, and navigating complex trade-offs effectively. The adoption of Jira and Confluence as tooling platforms enhanced work management, prioritisation, and planning. By advising and collaborating on team and program redesign, we optimised the flow of work and delivery. Overall, our solutions positioned the client for ongoing success.

The services we offer

Advisory & Enablement
  • Design Thinking
  • Solution Implementation Services (Project Management, Product Management, Change Management)\
  • Service Design
Learning & Development
  • Agility Fundamentals
  • Role Based Training (Transformational Leadership, Product Management, Design Thinking)
  • Enterprise Agility (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Human-Centric System Design
Enterprise Coaching
  • Lean-Agile Coaching at all levels, Teams to Executive
  • Data-Led Decisions, Value-Led Delivery Analytics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Organisational Design
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Organisation Network Analysis

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